Survey Results

As of Saturday April 4th, 77 surveys had been submitted.

Of those 75, two could not be confirmed as coming from team members and were deleted — the respondent didn't self-identify in a recognizable way ("a" or "d" instead of a name) and/or provided a fake e-mail address. A small number of responses came from people who have not swum with the team in years, or ever, but in general those respondents refrain from answering the scheduling questions, and limit themselves to making recommendations about holding meets and other topics.

The full results, including all information provided, have been archived so that the validity of the survey can be verified should that need arise. But the archived results will not enable any association of a respondent's identity with the responses he/she provided.

The statistical summary is available here.

The (slightly redacted) summary of comments will be available shortly.

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