Nickel City Splash Masters Swim Team

Upcoming changes to practice schedule

As the University wraps up the maintenance on the pool, a big thanks to Nate Bourke, the aquatics director - as we have been given a few extra practices to make up for the ones we missed.

No practice: Tuesday August 8th through Saturday August 12 and Saturday August 19.

Additional Practices: Monday August 21 through Saturday August 26th. That is correct! Every morning that week we will be swimming - Monday thru Friday at 6:00-7:15 AM, and Saturday 6:30-8 AM.

What a great opportunity to really get in a big training week before we say goodbye to summer.

This has been confirmed, we have lifeguards and the pool will be short course. We have a few fun workouts planned to get you back in shape after the few missed practices!!!


New procedures for fall 2017

  • On Saturdays when UB has home football games (there are three in fall 2017), our practice will be rescheduled to Sunday morning.
  • For access to the building on regular Saturdays, we will have to park in the LaSalle lot (just to the north of Alumni Arena), then enter directly into the pool through the chlorine delivery door. A building supervisor is being hired for Saturdays beginning at 6:15, and the entrance will be closed at 6:45am. Timely arrival will be critical!

Team social update

  • Rocco's Pizza is confirmed for Sunday September 17 for the celebration of the team's 20th anniversary. More details to follow. Big thanks to Paul Lamparelli!
  • Coffee Social Saturday September 9th after practice.


We are hoping to grow our numbers. Our cost is steady in lifeguards and coaches. We want to try to keep our cost down by increasing membership. Please encourage anyone you know who might be interested to try swimming with us. No dues are due until mid - end of September. It is a great time to try Nickel City Splash!

Who we are

Nickel City Splash is a masters swim team sanctioned by United States Masters Swimming (USMS) and affiliated with the Women's Varsity Swim Team at the University at Buffalo.

What we do

We have coached workouts at UB's Alumni Pool, and we enter Alumni Arena through the back door (on the side of the building which faces the stadium).

How you can join

  • Show up for practice (map) and ask the coach for a two-week trial
  • The coach will ask you about your swimming background and level and suggest a lane for you to try out. Your lanemates will be very helpful in providing additional information.
  • If you decide to join, fill out the application form and pay your dues online (see below for amounts).
  • Join USMS — this is mandatory for all participants
  • Subscribe to the team listserv by sending an e-mail to with the following message, substituting your actual name for "First Name Last Name," obviously:

sub rai-nickelcity-list First Name Last Name

The e-mail account from which you send the above message will be the one which receives listserv messages from the team. If you have difficulty getting subscribed, or want to quit the list or change your e-mail address, please send e-mail to the web tyrant.

Normal practice schedule

  • Tuesday and Thursday morning from 6:00 am to 7:15 am
  • Wednesday 12-1
  • Saturday from 6:30 am to 8:00 am

Be sure to check your e-mail and this page for updates and cancellations!

Dues (structure effective October 1, 2016)

Annual membership: $375 for 3 days/week or $200 for 1 day/week
Single-term membership: $160 for 3 days/week or $120 for 1 day/week

Annual memberships are always due on or before October 1st. Single-term membership dues are paid in four-month increments on these dates: September 1st, January 1st, and May 1st.

In conjunction with dues, you must keep your USMS membership up to date.

Swimmers who join the team mid-season will have their first dues payment pro-rated until the next annual or seasonal due date.

Upcoming or recent NC Splash Related Events

The 2ndAnnual Ithaca LCM Swim Meet is July 13-14 at the new Ithaca College Athletic Facility. There are a number of NCS swimmers interested in the meet. Here is a link with additional information on the meet. 2nd Annual Ithaca LCM

Great Article on the Value of Swimming

Here is a hotlink to a brief but intriguing article about the value of swimming. It appeared in a recent issue of the AARP magazine. Check it out! []

Member Update

If you're doing Carly's Crossing, please post your URL to the Nickel City page on Facebook. Check out Jackie's fundraising page.

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